Frequently Asked Questions

How many days should we take?

The completed stages of the Great Taste Trail are approximately 160km long and people with average fitness achieve this in four days. The beauty of riding this trail is you can start where you want and experience different sections of the trail depending on how much time you have.

What is the best time to do the trail?

The trail can be ridden at any time of the year. Nelson Tasman is blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate, and boasts the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand


Average Weather in Nelson, New Zealand

What's the best time to travel to Nelson in New Zealand?

The months January and February have a lovely even temperature.

  • Most rainfall is during June, July and August.

  • On average, the warmest month is January.

  • On average, the coolest month is August.

  • June is the wettest month.

  • February is the driest month.

Season Average high temp Average low temp Rainfall
  °C °F °C °F  
Summer (Dec – Feb) 22 72 13 55 7
Autumn (Mar – May) 18 62 9 48 7
Winter (Jun – Aug) 13 55 3 37 8
Spring (Sep – Nov) 17 63 8 46 9


What bike should I ride?

We have found from customer feedback that the custom Kiwi Journeys bikes are best on the rail trail for those of you who like the comfortable more upright riding position. If you are used to riding a mountain bike we also have these available. The riding position of these bikes mean that you are not in an upright position and these bikes do not come with carriers for putting panniers on.

What gear do I need to ride the trail?

Over the summer / autumn months most people travel light with a change of clothes, but always make sure you carry a good wind & rainproof jacket with you.

Winter trips can be cold so you will need to have extra gear such as long johns and waterproof over trousers along with an extra warm top to wear. You should also take a pair of good long fingered winter gloves and a balaclava to make sure that you'll be comfortable. Generally a frosty start in Nelson means you have a lovely day cycling with not a cloud in the sky!

The following is a comprehensive list of gear to wear / take out on the trail (apart from your bike and helmet):

  • Lightweight waterproof/breathable jacket

  • Walking / running shoes or biking shoes and socks

  • Lightweight leggings (lycra, merino or polypropylene)

  • Sunscreen and a peaked hat

  • Merino or fleece jacket

  • Long sleeve merino or micro-fleece top

  • Lightweight superfine merino T-shirt for fine weather

  • Cycle gloves

  • Cycle shorts

  • Gel seat cover (Trail journeys do sell these)

  • Plenty of water and food

  • Camera for recording your adventure